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Our Mission & Reach

Our firm’s mission is to advocate for the rights of consumers, patients, families, and loved ones. We utilize our expertise in state and federal courts to hold big businesses and pharmaceutical companies accountable for the harm they cause consumers. The Messina Law Firm, PC is dedicated to representing clients and working with co-counsel located throughout the U.S. Centrally located in Dallas, Texas, we are built on advocating for the rights of consumers, families, and investors. We're committed to seeking justice and the best possible outcomes for our clients regardless of state or federal venue.

We handle a variety of legal issues, from car accidents, semi-truck accidents, and liquor liability cases to construction disputes and insurance bad faith claims. Our number one goal is to provide personable, passionate, and persistent legal guidance to those who need it most. The path to success starts with The Messina Law Firm, PC. Don't wait another moment to pursue your fresh start. Reach out to our office today to set up a free consultation with our experienced and compassionate attorneys. We’ll approach your case with the care and confidence you need to move forward.

Our attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience, making us the perfect partners if you are in need of a legal team that has the skills, knowledge, and drive to fight for the resolution you deserve. We have helped countless clients get back on their feet, won innumerable cases, and made a difference in our community by fighting back against insurance companies that try to take advantage of our fellow Texans. When you work with The Messina Law Firm, PC, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands.

“We take the lead in your legal case and fight for the results you deserve.”
Serving Dallas, Texas, and Beyond

Our attorneys are proud to serve clients in Dallas, Texas, including the surrounding areas of Ft. Worth, Arlington, Garland, Irving, and Denton.

Fighting Back Against Insurance Giants

Insurance companies will try to get you to settle for less than you deserve. We aim to help you fight for the fair compensation you need.

Seeking the Solutions You Need

We’ll advocate for your best interests and overcome any obstacles that come our way, and we’re not afraid of taking on challenging cases.

Don’t face your legal problem on your own. Reach out to us today to tell us your story. Together, we can determine the best course of action for you and your case. Our legal team is proud to serve clients throughout Texas, including Dallas, Ft. Worth, Arlington, Garland, Irving, and Denton.

Dallas skyline

The Messina Law Firm, PC

No legal issue is too challenging for us. Whether you’re filing a claim with an insurance provider, recovering from a car accident, or have a liquor liability case on your hands, we want to help you. Contact The Messina Law Firm, PC to set up a free consultation today in Dallas, Texas, or the surrounding areas of Ft. Worth, Arlington, Garland, Irving, and Denton.