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Personal Injury Defined

Personal injury is part of a large area of the law known as torts.  This means any civil wrong for which the law affords you a remedy, other than a breach of contract. That includes any physical, mental, or emotional damage done to another for which damages may be assessed. Also, it includes wrongful death.


Like your case, most personal injury cases are predicated upon “negligence”. Conduct which fails to rise to the level of what a reasonably prudent person would or would not do.

Collin’s dictionary defines it as: If someone is guilty of negligence, they have failed to do something which they ought to do.  

Liability and Damages

There are two major elements to your personal injury case:

  • Liability.  Firstly, that is, proving negligence was committed by the other party. Secondly, the damages that were done to you. Proving that there were damaging effects to you stemming from the negligence of another.
  • Damages. Common categories include physical pain, mental anguish (worry, anxiety, stress, fear, etc.). Medical bills, lost wages, and, in some cases, punitive (awarded only in cases involving malice).

Legislation to Cap Limits Payable

Unfortunately, there is legislation now in effect in twenty states (including Texas) that allows the legislature to limit damages awarded by juries. In fact, in Texas, there was an amendment to the Texas Constitution on September 13, 2003, (Proposition 12) that now allows the legislature to cap damages in every category of personal injury cases.

This severely restricted your rights to be compensated fairly for catastrophic injuries. Injuries caused to you by the negligence of careless individuals and corporations. It serves only to increase the already obscene profits of insurance companies at your expense.

Learn more about Proposition 12. It won’t leave you happy unless you own an insurance company.

Don’t Be a Personal Injury Victim

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