Premises Liability

Failure to Warn

The Messina Law Firm, PC successfully prosecuted and prevailed in Dallas County Court at Law no. 4 in the spring of 2018. We represented a guest of an apartment complex that could not find the exits because the properly was not well marked or well lit. Our client sustained significant injuries to her feet when she attempted to climb out of the complex. A jury returned a verdict indicating the apartment complex (owned by Gables Residential) failed to warn her of the dangerous condition.

$129,000 Trial Victory

Business Litigation

Contract Dispute

The Messina Law Firm, PC represented a business owner in the spring of 2017 who hired a contractor to install machinery in his factory. The machinery was the size of half a football field, and the contractor demanded to be paid in full despite having not completed the project. A Dallas County jury found our client, the owner, did not breach the agreement when he refused to pay the contractor who did not complete the job.

Trial Victory

Truck Accidents

Tractor-Trailer Accident

The Messina Law Firm, PC participated as trial counsel, along with Wade Barrow and Steven Laird, in securing a settlement of $8,700,000 in Panola County, Texas after our client, Mike Allen, was catastrophically injured in the wreck. Mr. Allen’s vehicle slammed into the tractor trailer that was illegally parked in the lane of travel. Mr. Allen’s injuries were life changing. The settlement was the largest in Panola County, Texas history, was a tope 10 settlement in Texas that year, and was number 8 on the national top 50 settlements per the National Law Journal.

$8,700,000 Settlement

Liquor Liability

Drunk Driving Accident

The Messina Law Firm, PC represented the families of two deceased motorcycle riders who were killed by a drunk driver. The Messina Law Firm, PC pursued claims against the bar at which the intoxicated driver was over served. The bar settled on the eve of trial.

Settlement $640,000

Drunk Driving Accident

The Messina Law Firm, PC represented the surviving wife and four children of a man killed by a drunk driver who left a bowling alley in Plano, Texas with blood alcohol levels at more than three times the legal limit in Texas. The case was settled at mediation for amount sufficient to establish trusts for the college education of the four children. The settlement eased the burden of a single mother who was left without the primary wage earner in their family.

$830,000 Settlement

Dram Shop

The Messina Law Firm, PC represented Ralph Cannell in pursuit of damages against a bar that served Mr. Cannell and his guest an excessive amount of alcohol. The two were later involved in a rollover accident that resulted in Mr. Cannell being partially paralyzed. After a year of litigation, the matter was resolved for a confidential amount that was sufficient to fund Mr. Cannell’s medical care and living expenses for life.

Confidential Settlement

Construction Disputes

Contractor Lawsuit

The Messina Law Firm, PC represented a subcontractor who was sued by a general contractor relating to concrete work. We counterclaimed and prevailed at trial for unpaid amounts due to our client.

Trial Victory $48,000