The Messina Law Firm Dec. 7, 2018

Electric Scooter Rental Looks Fun.

First of all, electric scooter rental looks fun. You may have seen them around Dallas, they’re in most big cities in Texas. They are left by the rental companies at various convenient pickup locations. Turn on the rental company’s app on your smartphone and within minutes you’re on your way. Sounds great and at about a $1 to start then 15 cents per minute after that, some pretty cheap fun.

Where Can I Ride One?

Dallas City Council approved the use of the scooters, with exceptions that they couldn’t be used in Downtown Dallas and Deep Ellum. Nor can you ride them on streets that have more than a 35mph speed limit.

Look for the BIRD or LIME app in the Apple Store or Android Play Store

Bird Apple Store link

LIME Apple Store link

Bird Android Google Play link

Lime Android Google Play link

But What if I Get in An Accident While Riding One?

But what if I get in an accident? You might ask yourself. The rentals do not come with insurance and your homeowner’s and car insurance will not cover any damages you incur to you, yourself or any property.

It’s possible your health insurance will cover part or all of your injuries sustained, but certainly not those you may hurt.

If Popularity Increases, so Will Insurance Options

With the popularity increase, insurance companies may start offering insurance for an electric scooter rental. Some cities are beginning to discuss the option to have the electric scooter rental companies provide some basic liability coverage with their rentals.

If you are concerned, and you should be… Be sure and check with your insurance agent before renting one.

Finally, FYI these scooters need charging overnight and since they are often left by the side of the road after being used. There are employment opportunities for retrieving and charging the scooters. Check with Bird or Lime for more details.

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