The Messina Law Firm June 13, 2018

Electrical safety seems redundant to talk about given the number of times your parents drilled it into you growing up. Even with that said, overloaded extension cords and power strips cause about 2,000 electrical fires resulting in approximately 60 deaths every year.

  • Pull the plastic housing of the electric plug to take it out of the wall socket; never, ever pull on just the cord.

  • Always unplug the toaster or other appliance when removing a piece of stuck food.

  • Remember that a turned-off appliance is still connected to electricity until it is physically unplugged.

  • Limit use of extension cords. Make sure the cord is the appropriate size for use. Some appliances or equipment require heavy-duty cords and grounded circuits.

  • Do not overload electrical outlets with too many items plugged in at once.

  • Check electric cords frequently for damage. Have them repaired right away. Worn cords can cause personal injury by shock, short circuit or fire.

  • Water and electricity do not mix. Do not operate electric appliances such as radios or hair dryers near a bathtub or sink full of water.

  • Never stick your fingers, toys or anything except electric plugs into electric outlets.

  • Unplug any appliance that emits sparks or that does not work properly, or even smells like electrical burning.

  • Always unplug an appliance or device before cleaning or repairing it.

Electrical safety tips are provided by Nationwide, available by clicking here.

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