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Injuries to children Attorney: Injuries to your children are terrifying. Every parent’s worst nightmare is having something terrible happen to your children.

The most common causes of child injury are

Motor vehicle accidents

  • In children ages, 5 to 19 Injuries from motor vehicle accidents are the top cause of death from injury.
  • Furthermore, every hour, almost 150 children like yours visit emergency rooms due to serious injuries from motor vehicle accidents.

Suffocation (being unable to breathe)

  • If you have infants they are most at risk of being unable to breathe while they sleep.
  • Your toddlers are most at risk of suffocating by choking on food or other small objects.


  • Drowning is the most common cause of death from injury in children ages 1 to 4.
  • Three children die every day from drowning.


  • Two children die every day from poisoning.
  • Each day, more than 300 children ages 0 to 19 in the United States go to emergency rooms because of poisoning.
  • Common sources of poisoning probably around your house, include household chemicals, cleaners, and medicines.


  • Two children die every day from being burned.
  • Each day, more than 300 children ages 0 to 19 arrive in emergency departments to be treated for burns.
  • Younger children are more likely to be burned by hot liquids or steam.
  • Older children are more likely to be burned from direct contact with fire


  • Falls are the most common cause of nonfatal injuries for children ages 0 to 19.
  • Each day, about 8,000 children just like yours, visit emergency departments due to injuries from falls.

Parents You’re Doing  Everything You Can In Order To Keep Your Children Safe

Raising kids, as parents you do everything you can to keep them safe. Providing your children with regular doctor check-ups, qualified childcare, the right food, and so on. However,  when someone else’s negligence causes personal injuries to your children, you need a lawyer.

Whether it be in Dallas or another Texas city, Dallas injuries to children attorney Joey Messina at Messina Law Firm is ready to talk to you about what happened.

Injuries to your children can happen because of a car accident, a defective product, or dangerous drugs, to name just a few examples.

However, no matter how your child was injured, it’s a good idea to speak with Joey Messina. Joey is a prominent Dallas ‘injuries to children attorney’.

Furthermore, talk to him directly about your situation. For the reason, you can find out what can be done. 

Click here to submit your children’s injury case without cost or obligation!

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