Kidnapping Prevention – Protect Your Child

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare. Your child is walking home and a predator tries to pick her up. What can parents do to help protect their child?

1. Make sure your child has a plan. Parents have to be the safety experts and safety instructors. Teach your child a plan to use in an emergency situation.

2. Make sure the plan is specific. Help your child develop techniques to avoid panicking in a frightening situation. Stress smart choices, not scared reactions.

3.  Stranger does not necessarily equal danger. It is more important that a child recognize a dangerous action than a potentially dangerous person. A stranger who drives by in a car and waves is not dangerous, but if the stranger stops the car, gets out, and approaches your child, that is a dangerous action.

4. Focus on what to do. A long list of “do nots” will only confuse a child.

5. Make “No” an action verb. A child can express “no” by screaming for help, kicking, and/or running away. In a dangerous situation, actions speak louder than words, even if it means being rude to an adult.

6. Consider using technology to help track your children. One company provides a wristband that tracks your child’s location sends alerts to your smartphone.

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children has a great list of tips to help you teach your children how to stay safe when confronted with tricks used by abductors. Review them with your children today.

learn the trick and beat it chart

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