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A knee injury lawsuit can be complicated and requires an experienced knee injury lawyer. Personal injury law is one of only two areas of law we practice at Messina Law Firm.

The other area of law we practice is wrongful death. A Messina personal injury lawyer will fight to recover the compensation you as a victim deserve. If you have suffered a knee injury from the result of an accident or someone else’s negligence call us. Contact us today and we will evaluate your case absolutely free!


A knee injury can be a totally debilitating condition, resulting in thousands of dollars in medical bills, severe pain, suffering and lost wages. When your knee injury is brought on by the negligence of others, you deserve to be compensated for those things.

If you have suffered a knee injury, Dallas personal injury lawyer Joey Messina will fight for your rights. Furthermore, Joey Messina at Messina Law Firm will evaluate your knee injury case absolutely free.


Sprains and Strains

A knee sprain involves stretched or torn ligaments. Serious sprains involve complete tears of one or more of the knee ligaments. Most common knee sprains involve the knee ligaments known as the ACL and/or MCL, but any knee ligament can be injured. Symptoms of knee sprains include a popping or snapping sound in the knee at the time of injury, pain that seems to come from within the knee (especially with movement), not being able to bear weight on the injured leg, swelling, fluid behind the kneecap or a feeling that the knee is loose or unstable.

Knee strains involve a partially or completely torn muscle or tendon. Knee strains symptoms are similar to those of a knee sprain. In addition, there are bruises around the injured area. Both strains and sprains are frequent injuries.


Injuries such as tendonitis, or inflammation (irritation) of the tendon, causes pain or tenderness when walking, trying to lift a leg or when bending or extending a leg. Tendinitis is caused when the tendon has stretched or become inflamed from overuse. This can occur from overuse on the job. Also known as a Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI).

Meniscal Tears

These types of injuries occur when sudden changes in speed or side-to-side movements cause the meniscus to tear. Meniscal injuries cause tenderness, tightness, and swelling in the front of the knee. Occasionally, fluid collects around the knee, known as an effusion. Meniscal injuries often occur in combination with severe sprains, especially those involving the ACL.

Fractures and Dislocations

A fracture is a cracked, broken, or shattered bone. A fracture can be considered a knee injury if the broken bone is the tibia, femur or patella.

Patellar dislocation is when the patella (the kneecap) is dislocated to one side of the knee joint. A dislocated patella usually requires expensive medical attention. Symptoms of kneecap dislocation are swelling and severe pain at the front of the knee, an abnormal bulge on the side of the knee and occasionally the inability to walk.

Personal Knee Injury Victims

Finally, if you have suffered a personal injury related to a knee injury, it’s important to protect your rights. Contact an experienced knee injury lawyer as soon as possible. The knee injury legal staff at our Dallas law firm can evaluate your case at no cost to you. If we determine you have a knee injury claim, we will handle your case aggressively, and you pay absolutely nothing unless we win your knee injury case.

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