Medication Error Leads to a large Verdict

The Messina Law Firm June 13, 2018

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Medication Error: As this article about prescription errors shows, it is very important to prescribe a patient the right medication. However, a recent medication error case reminds us that it is equally important to ensure that medication is administered correctly.

Death of a nursing home resident.

In this case, a wrongful death lawsuit arose out of the death of a nursing home resident. The nursing home resident suffered from severe arthritis. Consequently was prescribed a powerful pain medicine that was given to her via a patch.

However, the untrained staff of the nursing home apparently did not realize how powerful the patches were. As a result, did not remove the old patch before applying a new one. Ultimately, the nursing home patient unwittingly overdosed on her pain medication and died of heart failure.

Wrongful Death

The nursing home resident’s family argued a wrongful death lawsuit that the failure to administer the medicine properly was not quality care. The jury agreed, returning a verdict against the nursing home for $1 million.

A very disturbing trend

In administering psychotropic drugs prescribed in order to ‘stand-in’ for lack of care within nursing homes and care centers. Resulting in higher mental health cases among the elderly in these homes.

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