Painkillers Can Be Deadly


Bottle of pills surrounded by bullets

First of all, as powerful painkillers, opioid drugs are used to treat those of you suffering from great pain. Including when you are recovering from surgery and when you have chronic long term pain, and furthermore, to treat some cancer patients.

However, According To The FDA

Every day, 60 people die from opioid painkiller overdoses. That’s 22,000 people every single year. Furthermore, four out of the six most deadly pre­scription painkillers given to Americans like you are powerful painkill­ers known as opioids.

Similar to heroin, opioids are related to the opium that comes from poppies. Opium has long been known for its painkilling ef­fects. Modern opioids, however, are up to 100 times more potent and are therefore much more dangerous.

Certainly, all of these drugs including oxycodone (aka oxycontin), fen­tanyl, morphine, and methadone, have legitimate medical uses. Yet each and every one of them have all been proven to be very deadly for you. Fentanyl is possibly the worst of all of them.

Painkillers don’t kill the pain. They kill people

“Painkillers don’t kill the pain. They kill people,” says  Dr. Don Teater, a National Safety Council medical advisor. People think taking opioids is the best way to treat pain. But the reality is, other non-addictive medicines are just as effective, including many over the counter drugs such as ibuprofen or naproxen.

Opioids Are Overprescribed

However, opioids are overprescribed by doctors, leading to your possible addiction to the opioids. Even if properly prescribed, accidental misuse of these drugs is common and can, as a result, end in a deadly overdose for you or a loved one.

The lifetime odds of you being killed by opioid usage is 1 in 109. Right behind the chances of you being killed in a motor vehicle accident, which is 1 in 102 odds of it being the cause of your death.


Furthermore, your overuse of, or overdosing on any of these drugs can cause you to stop breathing or respiratory depression. Both of which can very easily lead to your death.  Finally, these drugs will have other side effects on you. Side effects which can get even more harmful and worse the longer you use them.

How to get help

If you have been harmed by using these opioids or someone you know has died or suffered some other bad outcome from using them, contact us. You may be eligible to file a lawsuit and be compensated for your losses.

Remember there is never a charge to contact a lawyer with Messina Law Firm.

Also, If you feel you or a loved one needs help with an opioid addiction problem click here.

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