Product Liability Suit

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Product liability suit. Although you may have heard of such a lawsuit. You may not know exactly what such a suit involves… First of all, a product liability suit is a lawsuit that claims that a product has caused some injury. It can be brought under three distinct theories.


The first of those theories is negligence. Basically, a claim that a product’s manufacturer (and sometimes its distributor). In which either was careless in designing, marketing, or selling a product.

Strict Liability

The second of the theories is a strict liability claim. This type of claim does not require proof of carelessness. But rather imposes liability if the product is “unreasonably dangerous”. Manufacturing a commercial airliner without seatbelts could be considered “unreasonably dangerous”.

Breach of Warranty

Finally, the third of those three theories is a breach of warranty claim. It asserts that the manufacturer breached a promise or a “warranty”. Consequently,  that breach of this promise or warranty caused injury.

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