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Is It an Accident or a Motor Vehicle Accident?

Although the answer to the question of just what is a “motor vehicle accident” seems obvious (just look for the dented fender), this is not always the case. The Texas Supreme Court recently had to decide whether a person who was injured when he got stuck while getting out of his truck had actually been in an auto accident

After an Auto Accident

Many people think that common sense dictates what is to be done after an auto accident. Maybe so, but our common sense can desert us under stress. It is a good idea to keep this simple checklist in your car with your other important papers (registration, etc.)…

Death, Burial, and Texas Law

Because most of us do not like to talk about death, people often die leaving their loved ones uncertain about their responsibilities and the wishes of the recently deceased. In an effort to make things easier, here are some frequently asked questions about death and burial…

Lawsuits by Children

Minor children do not have the legal capacity to bring a lawsuit on their own. Any time a lawsuit needs to be brought for injuries caused to a child, such as by a negligent doctor or driver, the suit must be filed by a competent adult, who may be the child’s parent, guardian, or even a person called the child’s “next friend,” which just means anyone with an interest in the child’s welfare…

Safe Shopping Online

The explosive growth of the Internet is well-known. With the growth of the Internet has come an explosion of Internet shopping. The following tips will allow you to stay safe as you buy on the web…


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