Spring 2004

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Construction Injuries

Construction is one of the largest industries in the United States, employing over six million people nationwide, and is a vital part of our economy. However, being a construction worker is also one of the most dangerous occupations, with over 8,000 people killed on job sites every year (about 1,200 in Texas alone) and thousands more injured. The impact of these injuries can be devastating, not only to the worker but also to the family that depends on him and the paycheck he brings home every week…Continue reading

Hazardous Diet Drugs

As most of you know, many diet drugs can cause serious health risks. One of the most publicized diet drugs, Fen-Phen, has been banned from the market. Now the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) has announced its intent to ban the use of another well-known supplement promoted for its weight loss effects: ephedra. So what is the real deal on diet drugs?… Continue reading

Insurance Company Bad Faith

Most of us carry insurance–on our home, our car, our lives. The insurance company who sold you the policy probably tried to tell you that it was selling you peace of mind. You make your payments every month and then when you finally do have a claim–surprise–it is denied. Sometimes the denial is proper because the claim truly is not covered. Many times, however, the denial is improper, and the claim you have made really should be covered by the insurer to whom you have paid all those premiums. What then?… Continue reading

Protect Your Child From Kidnapping

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare. Your child is walking home and a predator tries to pick her up. What can parents do to help protect their child?… Continue reading

Review Your Credit Report

When the time comes for an important transaction for an individual, such as buying insurance, taking out a mortgage, or applying for a job, having good credit can be critical. Second only to having good credit is being able to prove it in writing, in a consumer report compiled by one of the credit reporting agencies (CRAs) that have credit information on millions of Americans…Continue reading


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