Summer 2007

Boating accidents 

Certainly, summer is upon us, and many Texans are getting their boats and jet skis ready for another season. First of all, at last count, Texas had over 600,000 registered watercraft! Furthermore, they are used on the largest volume of inland water anywhere in the United States. With all of these boats on all of these lakes and rivers (not to mention the Gulf of Mexico), accidents are not uncommon…Continue reading

 Boating safety checklist 

  • Make certain you know how to safely operate the watercraft you are piloting. Consider taking a boating safety class.
  • Make sure that your watercraft is well cared for and in good mechanical shape before taking it out on the water…Continue reading

Unfair insurers Play Hardball

Month after month, you pay hundreds of dollars in insurance premiums, expecting that if you have an accident your insurer will cover the bill. Unfortunately, this expectation all too often goes unmet because insurers play hardball in accident claims…Continue reading

Home Loans And Predatory Lenders

We shop around for the best deals on the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the cars we drive. So why do many people not shop around for the best deal on the largest expense they will ever incur their mortgage? The answer is that many people are taken in by the high-pressure tactics of predatory lenders…Continue reading

Report Elder Abuse

It is a sad fact, but, with the increase in the population of the elderly, there is an increasing number of cases of elder abuse. Whether the abuse takes the form of a pattern of physical violence or just neglect, the problem is a growing one…Continue reading

Fingerprint Your Child

A staple of every cop show, the use of fingerprints or DNA evidence to catch criminals is well known. But did you know that there is a move afoot to gather the same information from America’s children?… Continue reading

Gastric bypass Dangers

As more and more Americans are categorized as obese, many are choosing to undergo gastric bypass surgery, which is intended to help them lose weight by surgically reducing the size of the stomach…Continue reading


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