Winter 2004

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Legal Tips For Buying A Used Car

Record-low financing rates mean that many people are choosing to buy a new car. Although others are still in the market for a good, reliable used car. Furthermore, if you are looking for a used car, keep the following tips in mind…

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Child-Care Dangers

It is an unfortunate fact that those most vulnerable and least able to protect themselves are often those at the highest risk of abuse or neglect. Moreover, elderly persons confined to nursing homes, the mentally ill and the retarded, and the very ill are often targets for abuse or the victims of neglect because they are least able to protect themselves. To this list, we can add one more group: children in daycare. While the vast majority of child-care facilities and child-care providers are trustworthy and responsible, cases of abuse or neglect, while rare, do occur…Continue reading

Governmental Negligence

With the government involved more and more in our lives, there is an increased chance that you could be injured because of the government’s negligence. Since the Middle Ages, the law of England has followed the edict that the “king can do no wrong,” and, thus, if you have been hurt by the king or his agents, that is your own bad luck. Although the United States has no king, we do follow English law, including this idea of “sovereign immunity.” In its modern form, sovereign immunity prevents people from suing the government unless the government gives them permission to do so…Continue reading

HMO Pays Large Verdict

Texas has a law that requires HMOs to use ordinary care and prudence in deciding what kind of medical treatment they will pay for. Furthermore, in one of the first cases of its kind, a jury recently returned a large verdict against an HMO because of this law…Continue reading

Missing Reindeer

First of all. preserving evidence is always an important step that you can take to help your case if you are injured by someone else’s negligence. A recent case shows the importance of this advice…Continue reading


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